Man M. Ho

Research Student | Amateur Photographer | Vietnamese

About me

Man M. Ho
Research Student
Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering
Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
Contact: manminhho.cs (at) gmail (dot) com
My interests lie in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Photography. Besides, I love taking/editing/retouching photographs. Let's enjoy my [Flickr].

Research Interests

- Photography.
+ Image Style/Color Transfer.
+ Colorization.
+ Image Enhancement.
+ Smartphone Photo Scanning.
- Video Compression.
+ Dealing with various degradation brought from video codec.
+ Improving compression ratio using Colorization, Super-resolution, Motion Compensation, etc.


(I have published my works under the name "Minh-Man Ho" before 2020/1)
Deep Photo Scan: Semi-supervised learning for dealing with the real-world degradation in smartphone photo scanning
Man M. Ho, Jinjia Zhou
In ArXiv, 2021.
[Paper] [SupDoc] [Webpage] [GitHub] [Demo]

RR-DnCNN v2.0: Enhanced Restoration-Reconstruction Deep Neural Network for Down-Sampling Based Video Coding
Man M. Ho, Jinjia Zhou, Gang He
In IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP), 2021.
[Paper (Open Access)] [Webpage] [GitHub] [Comparison Video]

Deep Preset: Blending and Retouching Photos with Color Style Transfer
Man M. Ho, Jinjia Zhou
In Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2021.
[Paper] [Webpage] [SupDoc] [SupVid] [GitHub] [5-min Presentation]

Semantic-driven Colorization
Man M. Ho, Lu Zhang, Alexander Raake, Jinjia Zhou
In Arxiv, 2020.
[Paper] [GitHub] [Demo]

Japanese Coins and Banknotes Recognition for Visually Impaired People
Huyen T. T. Bui, Man M. Ho, Xiao Peng, Jinjia Zhou
In VizWiz Workshop, 2020.

SR-CL-DMC: P-frame coding with Super-Resolution, Color Learning, and Deep Motion Compensation
(Top-5 performance among teams which have submitted a factsheet on P-frame Track, CLIC2020)
Man M. Ho, Jinjia Zhou, Gang He, Muchen Li, Lei Li
In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), 2020.
[Paper] [Video] [Webpage]

Down-Sampling Based Video Coding with Degradation-Aware Restoration-Reconstruction Deep Neural Network
(Oral - Best Paper Runner-up Award)
Man M. Ho (Minh-Man Ho), Gang He, Zheng Wang, Jinjia Zhou
In International Conference on Multimedia Modeling (MMM), 2020.
[Paper] [Webpage] [GitHub] [Demo]

Respecting Low-level Components of Content with Skip Connections and Semantic Information in Image Style Transfer
Man M. Ho (Minh-Man Ho), Jinjia Zhou, Yibo Fan
In ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP), 2019.
[Paper] [Webpage] [GitHub] [Demo] [Comparison Video]

Awards and Honors

2020/07, "Hosei University Science and Engineering Departments Education/Research Promotion Fund Academic Achievement Award 2020".
2020/01, "Best Paper Runner-up Award" at MMM2020, Deajeon, Korea.
2018/08, "Key Contributor" by EyeQ Tech, Vietnam.
2018/08, "Squad of the month" by EyeQ Tech, Vietnam.
2016/12, “The Five-Virtue Student” by Vietnam National University, University of Information Technology.

Professional Experience

I have served as a reviewer for CVPRW 2020, BMVC 2020, WACV 2021.


2020/09: Received the M.Eng. Degree (English-based Program) in Applied Infomatics at Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan.
2017/09: Received the B.S. Degree (Honors Program) in Computer Science at Vietnam National University, University of Information Technology, Vietnam.

Work Experience

2018/09 - now: Research Assistant at Intelligent Media Processing Lab, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan.
2017/09 - 2018/9: Machine Learning Engineer at EyeQ Tech, Vietnam.